Amazon AWS ECS

Please see the general AWS environment guide first, as steps such as setting up an IAM role are still needed.

Environmental Variables

As documented in the heimdall.conf page, environmental variables can be set to configure the behavior of the container. For a server container, set the hdRole variable to "server" and for a proxy to "proxy". the other variables can be used to direct the proxy to the manager and what VDB to associate with the proxy.

In an ECS environment the following defaults will be set, if not set explicitly:

hdPassword= hdSecretKey= instance_id= # used where an EC2 instance ID would be used, such as in cloudwatch

ECS deployment

When deploying with ECS via the GUI, the option is provided to create a load balancer. If this is done, it will associate the LB with the first port configured in the task, and only the first port. This should be port 8087 for the manager. Ports 8443 should be added to the LB as an additional listener after port 8087 is configured and working.