Initial Login

The default Heimdall server username is “admin” and the password is:


In AWS and similar environments (such as OpenStack), the AWS instance ID is the default password.

If the password is not set to “heimdall” please see the server log (/var/log/heimdallserver.out.log or /opt/heimdall/log/heimdall.log) and look for a line such as:

2016-12-11 20:10:32,516 5153 [INFO] [http-nio-8087-exec-1] Initializing access control, user=admin, 

Note: It doesn't matter what install method you use--if in AWS, as long as the software can detect the instance ID, it will default to the instance ID for the password.

User Reset

The default username and password for a server can be controlled explicitly by creating a file /etc/heimdall.conf prior to the server being first run, and add the lines:

When the http query “” returns a value, this value is used as the default password if no configuration is set in the /etc/heimdall.conf. This will happen in AWS instances, and some other cloud environments. This value can be obtained with:

echo `curl -s`

In the event the passwords need to be deleted from a current configuration, the following steps can be used to delete the configured accounts:

  1. Open the file $heimdallhome/config/heimdall.conf (the default install directory is /opt/heimdall/) in an editor (notepad, vi, etc)
  2. Remove the json array values for the “address” variable, i.e. replace:




Once saved, if all accounts are removed, then the default admin account will be re-initialized once the Heimdall server is restarted.