AWS Marketplace Install

First, in the EC2, select launch instance, select the aws marketplace option on the left, and search for "Heimdall", then select:

Then, continue with the Heimdall Data Premium Edition:

Select the desired instance types--The marketplace offering supports a variety of appropriate instances with up to 8 cores (please contact Heimdall sales for larger instances):

Continue through the screens, ensuring that the security group configuration opens ports as needed for proxy ports:

Finally, review and launch:

Note: Heimdall will automatically download and install the newest release version of the Heimdall code. If for any reason this does not work, you can ssh into the instance and follow the pre-provisioned install process above (from behind the firewall), and billing and licensing of the marketplace image will work as expected.

AWS Support

In order to simplify the configuration for Amazon Web Services, the system supports reading the RDS and Elasticache configuration directly. In order to use this feature, one must configure an IAM role with access to the appropriate rights, as shown, then the option for "AWS Configuration" will become available in the Wizard. Without the IAM credentials, a manual configuration is still possible.

The permissions are for:

AWS ElastiCache for Redis

When using AWS ElastiCache for Redis as a cache, for optimal performance, it is important to configure a parameter group, and set the parameter "notify-keyspace-events" to the value "AE". This will allow the system to track objects that are added and removed from the cache automatically, which helps prevent L2 cache misses. In other Redis types, this parameter can be set dynamically at runtime, but in ElastiCache, this can only be set via the parameter group. Failure to do this will simply reduce the performance of the system when there are cache misses.

Cloudwatch Metrics and Logs

In each VDB, under logging, an option is available for AWS Cloudwatch. If enabled, it will start logging a variety of metrics into Cloudwatch under the "Heimdall" namespace, and the vdb logs will also be logged into Cloudwatch. The metrics include:

Please note that additional charges may be incurred due to metrics and logging, in particular if debug logs under high volume are logged into Cloudwatch.