Monitoring Overview

The analytics tab data is provided to allow a per query-pattern view of the queries passing through the system, as logged with the Log action or with global VDB logging.


Before analyzing the data, one of several filters can be specified to control what data is viewed:

On clicking the Analyze button, the results will be returned, with the following columns:

Note: Time units for any appropriate columns can be selected in the display itself, to scale as necessary, so are not documented here.

Extended Query View

Each query, when the mouse is moved over, will provide a small icon in the upper right-hand corner. If selected, extended information may be provided including:

This view is intended to be useful to provide to developers to help diagnose any performance problems that are apparent with the query pattern.

Viewing Errors

The check-box "errors only" will result in a view that only contains queries that have SQL exceptions associated with them.

Extended Postgres Support

If using the PostgreSQL database, and pg_stats_statements has been enabled, and the "use DB Stats" option is selected in the Data source tab AND the VDB using the Postgres data source is selected in the top of the Analytics tab, then an option will appear for "DB Side Statistics". This will pull the data exposed by pg_stats_statements instead of gathered by Heimdall. This view will be an abbreviated view, as cache statistics are not available, but this can be used to compare the overall response time from the perspective of the database vs. the perspective of the application.