If there are issues that require Heimdall support assistance, please follow the following directions (as appropriate)--please note, most debugging should be done in low-traffic scenarios for best results.

If a packet trace is requested, please follow one of the next two steps as appropriate:

Using tcpdump (on most Unix-like system):

tcpdump -iany -s0 -wcapture.pcap tcp port <proxy port> or tcp port <database port>

If both ports are the same, i.e. 1433 for SQL Server, then only one port is necessary, i.e.:

tcpdump -iany -s0 -wcapture.pcap tcp port <proxy port>

Note: capture.pcap will be the filename saved--it may be necessary to download this using a tool such as scp, winscp (, or filezilla ( in order to e-mail this file