Logs Overview

The log tab is provided to allow inspection of the actual detailed logs being processed by the system. The table contains the following columns:

Date (with timezone indicator) Client ID: The ID of the client that generated the log entry VDB: The VDB (if any) the log is associated with Source: The data source associated with the entry Type: A categorization of the record type Status: An integer field to indicate if a query was in various states (please see the logging section for more details) Run Time: The time associated with the event that is logged, if any Message: The actual message contained in the log entry

Please see the logging section for a more detailed breakdown of system logging.

Log File Rotation

When a log file is rotated, as controlled by settins in the admin->system properties, it will execute a command (if present) named rotatelog.sh. A very simple example would be:


tar cvzf $1.tgz $1

This command can execute other code, such as to transfer the file to S3 or another location. Please note that on a restart, there is no guarantee that a file will be rotated, so periodic cleanup may be needed.